Gerhard Reuter

Gerhard Reuter

Intercultural Humanism

Preliminary Remarks

The author was brought up in the Christian tradition, for which he is honestly grateful. He has a high opinion of Christian morals and admires the Christian cultural assets created over the centuries. At a ripe old age and after personal deliberation, he joined the ranks of those numerous contemporaries in our country who do not believe in God.

Nevertheless, he wishes to help to prevent the impending decline in ecclesiastical communities and institutions. This might be possible while preserving the valuable achievements of the churches by turning to a non-religious humanism that is based essentially on Christian morals (see earlier drafts).

Looking to the future, however, and in terms of a positive globalisation, he considers the eventual convergence of the humanitarian ideas and rules of behaviour existing in the various religions and cultures and a non-religious, intercultural humanism both necessary and possible.


Precepts and Creed


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